Uber: The Money Making Machine You Need

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On account of versatile applications, the way we travel has additionally experienced a huge change. Presently we have Uber to books taxis right from our homes whenever of the day. Not a solitary day goes without us utilizing our cell phones to request something or search the net. Each industry has been influenced by the new innovation and as of now searching for approaches to adjust to the change.

Smartphone and mobile apps have been the most significant revolution to rock us in recent times. It has completely changed the way we work and live. Not a single day passes without us using our smartphones to order something or browse the net. Every industry has been affected by the new technology and currently looking for ways to adapt to the change.


A new wave in private transportation

Thanks to mobile apps, the way we travel has also gone through a significant transformation. Now we have Uber to books cabs right from our homes any time of the day. The ridesharing app has become one of the top inspirations for startups who have their own Uber app clone. Many other taxi booking apps have also joined the market to increase the competition.


Uber – The process behind the technology

Uber is basically a ride sharing app, which does not own any car of its own. It is a mobile app which links drivers and passengers through a convenient platform. After the signup process, drivers get their own version of the app on their smartphones.


Riders use their phones to book a cab from a location without waiting on the streets for a free taxi. Nearby drivers are notified on their apps about the fare and the location. Next step for the driver is to accept the fare and pick up the passenger.


After the ride ends, payment is generally made cashless with cards or app wallet balance. The process ends with a mutual rating to maintain the quality of Uber service. The organization has been doing great business on a global scale and earning big revenue.


It has continued to grow and planned to grow their earnings to $ 10 billion per year. Many other companies have also developed Uber clone and started their own ridesharing service. Eben web development companies have Uber clone script on sale.


Driving Uber: An excellent career option

The number of drivers joining Uber is increasing every day. It does not require much and gives an excellent earning opportunity and flexible schedule. On slow days, Uber drivers can expect to make $12 – $ 13 per hour while the daily earning on some days may even reach $ 500. The earnings vary greatly over the countries where Uber operates and depends on the way costs are managed. The average income comes around $ 25 – $ 30 in most cities. There is no other career gives you such benefits like driving for Uber –


You can fix your own schedule and work as many or fewer hours as you wantIt can be driven without a commercial licenseYou get incentive on joining and other ways to earn moreNo, startup cost required, you just need to have a car


The income opportunity is huge and driving Uber has become the latest trend in many countries. Even people working in corporates have given up their job to pursue a career in cab driving and using the benefits of cab app driver. It sounds unbelievable, but such news has been doing their rounds on various media channels. Many people also use it as a part time work or to earn extra to supplement their main income.


What do You Need to become an Uber driver?

You need just two things to join Uber – a car and a smartphone. The car can be yours or registered in someone else’s name. Let’s get into the specifications of the car:


It has to be a 2006 onwards registered model. Some cities do permit cars from 2001.A well maintained sedan which can accommodate a minimum of 5 people (including the driver). You can even join with a small car like a hatchback in some regions.License number issued by the stateUn-salvaged vehicles and cars previously working in taxi service are not allowed.


Uber Driver Standards

The reason Uber has such a good amount of brand loyalty towards it is not just because of its fares. Instead, users love it for the good service it offers and the great professional drivers it has. If you’re looking to work with Uber as a driver, you need to ensure that your basics are as it should be.


Those are the requirements for your car. Now let’s see what standards had Uber set for you to be eligible for a driver –


You have to be 21 years or olderYou must possess a valid driver license and three years driving experience. You can join with less experience in some places.The car insurance has to be in your name.A valid social security number is required in countries like the USA.There will be a criminal background check and DUI inspection for driving offenses.


Most people without a criminal background and clean driving record will qualify for driving Uber. It is not at all a difficult process.


How Should I apply for driving Uber?

The application process is very easy and can also be done online. You have to get your vehicle inspected from Uber authorized service centers which can be done for free. You can also carry out the inspection elsewhere with required charges. You also have to submit your background check papers when prompted by Uber. After that, you can fix your driving schedule and get your first fare!


How does Uber pay its drivers?

Uber does not pay the drivers for each ride. Most places require riders to sign up mandatorily with a credit card, and charges are deducted automatically. In some countries, drivers also accept cash along with direct payment methods. Uber pays its drivers weekly and directly deposits the money into their accounts. Some drivers find the process convenient as they can get an assured pay at regular intervals without carrying around all the cash while driving.


Tips to be a better Uber driver and earn more


Here is a look at some of the best ways you could make more money every day in your job as an Uber driver.


Every profession needs hard work, and Uber is no exception. It can turn out to be your main source of income, but that requires 20 to 30 hours driving per week. It can be very useful to earn the extra buck, but you need to manage your maintenance costs strategically for making a significant income.


It also pays to have good behavior and be polite towards your customers. Uber is a growing business, and it puts great importance on customer ratings. A 4-star review may be great anywhere else, but it is different in the case of Uber. Drivers are suggested to maintain a rating of 4.6 and having unsatisfactory reviews can lead to disqualification.


Some drivers think working in surge pricing periods maximize earning. But the technique is used by Uber to balance the supply of available cars with the demand of passengers. It may give you extra income, but you should not depend on it. The best way is to max out your working hours and distribute them evenly over the week. You can always take a long lunch break or a few days off when required and get back to a waiting market.


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