Types of pavers and tiles available in Melbourne

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There are various kinds of pavers and tiles available for your rooms and patios. Read to know the types commonly available.

If you are concerned about the look of your house, and what impression it leaves to people visiting your house, then you must not ignore the condition of the pavers in your patio or pool. Pavers not only add elegance to the entire look of your house but also add value to your property.

Concrete pavers can make your space look manicured and maintained. In Australia, you will get extremely good brands offering stone cutting and sculpting service. There are various kinds of pavers and tiles available that can entirely change the look of your house. Here are the common types:

Bluestone pavers – This can be used in your house or for commercial purposes. Ideal for gardens and walkways, they are affordable and easy to clean. Ensure that they don’t have any kind of marks on them before the installation process starts. Make sure the particular area is free of debris and grass so that you don’t face any kind of problems later. Bluestones are also used in customised and modern rooms, a bit of researching will give you plenty unique ideas of recreating your space with bluestone pavers Melbourne.


Crazy pavers – The uneven pattern of crazy paving makes it appealing to people and hence it is one of the most popular kinds of pavers Melbourne. How your house looks from the outside is equally important as the interior look of your house. Crazy paving is ideal for swimming pools.


Granite tiles – One of the most durable kinds is the granite tile. Granite tiles are often used in kitchen floors, bathrooms, patios, and pavements. Granite is formed by the crystallisation of magma below the surface of the earth and is generally light in weight. Granite tiles are available in various kinds of colours and are extremely easy to install. Using water and mild soap is enough in order to clean them. Granite is good for fireplace hearths Melbourne as well.


Sanstone Pavers – Available in light shades, sanstone paver is another fast-selling paver. The best part is that they can sustain in extreme weather conditions. Consult any tile cutting service Melbourne to know about the cost and efficiency.


Limestone –Limestone is an inexpensive stone available and is great for fireplaces. But since the stone is soft, too much heat can lead to cracking. So gather all information before purchasing. A fireplace can get ruined because of wrong stone selection so you must be very particular about the quality of stones used. Limestone is generally available in light hues, popular ones being grey and cream.


Travertine tiles – Extremely beautiful and available in multiple colours, travertine tiles have got a very rough and natural look and feel. The installation process is easy too.

There are other kinds of pavers and tiles too in the market. The more you research, the better you will be able to understand. You can call any reputed company and ask about the costing. Visiting websites may help so that you can know about the look of the products and then decide which one will suit your patio or walkway.


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