Top 4 Localities for Buying a Residential Property in Mumbai

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Planning to buy a luxury 2.5 BHK flat in Mumbai? Here are four localities where you can find a luxury as well as affordable residential property in Mumbai.


Mumbai is undoubtedly one of the best cities in India for buying a real estate property. Even through buying a home in the financial capital is expensive, property market in the city offers great returns to investors.

If you are planning to buy a residential property in Mumbai, here are some of the localities you can explore:

1. Andheri

This is one of the best localities in the city in terms of infrastructure, connectivity and property options. It is one of the prime locations in the city and also one of the biggest suburbs with more than 1 million population. You can find a wide range of luxury as well as affordable properties in Andheri West while Andheri East offers a mix of residential as well as commercial properties. If you are living in Andheri, you will be close to all the hotspots in Mumbai. The international airport of Mumbai is in Andheri East.

2. Dadar

Shivaji Park in Dadar has been considered one of the best areas in this locality for property investors. With various corporate jobs being created towards the heart of the city, this locality has gained a modern outlook; however, it also retains its old world charm to a great extent. If you like the sea, you can look for a property that is situated near Dadar Chowpatty which is a beautiful beach.

3. Worli

For all sea lovers, Worli is a great place to buy a luxury 3 BHK or 2.5 BHK flats in Mumbai. Worli Sea-face is one of the most popular residential localities in the city along with the prime locations like Adarsh Nagar and Narayan Pujari. You can find a great mix of commercial as well as residential properties in this area. It is also in close proximity to the hotspots of Mumbai and is home to the Four Seasons Hotel.

4. Lower Parel

Fourth locality on the list is Lower Parel which has turned into a bustling area of Mumbai and is also a part of the monorail project. It has Palladium, a luxury mall in Mumbai and The Grand Central, a 5-star hotel from the ITC. You can get a good mix of commercial and residential properties in this area; however, the rates are quite high.

There is no doubt that owning a property in Mumbai is considered prestigious because it is very expensive. It can be quite tempting to dive into this market just to reap great returns. But make sure you are seeking expert help before striking a deal with any developer. This is especially required if you are new to the market. It can be a tricky affair to navigate the buyer’s side of realty transactions in the city. Take all factors into consideration when buying a property. For instance, don’t just go for incentives being offered by a developer. Look for all aspects such as, location, proximity to hotspots and amenities when finalizing a deal.

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