RGB LED Strip Controller With RF Control For Vivid Saturated Colors

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LED strip controller is designed to control LED strip lights to create static and dynamic lighting effects for different atmospheres. RGB LED controller with rgb strips are the perfect solution for decorative lighting.

For home decorative lighting, DC input LED strips with constant voltage input are widely used due to its high reliability and safety. Accordingly the controller shall be designed with DC and constant voltage output. Since DC LED controller is designed with DC input, it requires a AC-DC power supply with 12V or 24V. It adopts PWM dimming technology that outputs PWM signal to the connected lights. With PWM, the LED strip controller is able to dim and switch each R, G, B channel separately or synchronously, adjust RGB color tone smoothly, play built-in dynamic changing patterns, save colors and scenes, and even program colors for RGB strip lights. 


An LED controller is only the actuator that executes the dimming process, a control panel that sends out signal to the actuator is also necessary. The panel is available with different control signals based on different protocols such as RF/WiFi, DMX, DALI, 0/1-10V and so on. Accordingly the controller shall be designed based on same control protocols as the panel.


RF/WiFi is a real smart lighting control solution for home, it enables wireless control between the panel and the controller, no wire connection required. The LED strip controller that adopts wireless control has a built-in RF receiver which is able to receive signal from the panel. The panel has a built-in sender that is able to send signal. Control distance can be up to 20 meters. Pairing between the panel and controller is required since there is no wire connection, and it is easy to do by a learning key on the controller.


Various styles of RF panel are available in the market. Traditional push switch and rotary knob styles are designed with simple and easy interface and shall be wall mounted. Compact remote style with keys is designed with press keys and it is portable to anywhere of your house. Sleek full touch panel style is designed with smooth touch interface that enables all operations by a simple finger touch.


While working with a WiFi-RF converter, the RGB LED strip controller can be controlled by App installed on IOS or Android mobile devices. It is simple to build the WiFi control system, just connected the converter to a router that is added to a home network, and add the mobile device to the home network.


RF and WiFi control greatly ease and simplify the home lighting control and they are the future trends for smart home and home automation.


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