PWM RGB Controller with RF Remote For DC LED Lights

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Dimming LED lamps smoothly without flickering is a very complicated technology since LEDs are different from traditional incandescent and halogens. PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) is now an ideal solution for controlling LEDs especially DC LED lamps.

LED dimmer for mono lamps and RGB controller for RGB lights with PWM signal to control connected LED lighting enable smooth brightness, RGB color, dynamic changing patterns adjustment and color/scene storage. The PWM frequency is adjustable with low and high options, and the higher the frequency is, the more smooth the dimming will be.


PWM RGB LED controller with low frequency will not cause the buzzing noise of the power supply and can be suitable for home decorative lighting control. Some special applications which require ultra smooth and stable dimming control without any flickering such as filming lighting and hospital lighting will require ultra high PWM frequency.


For DC LEDs, the controller is designed with DC input and output and requires a AC-DC power supply. It is available with both constant voltage and constant current versions to fit different lamps such as LED strip, wall washer, downlight, and panel light.


Some PWM RGB controllers are stand-alone ones that do not require a control units. But for smart lighting, a control unit is better to provide more functions. The unit will send signal to the controllers and many types of control signal are available including RF/WiFi wireless, DMX, DALI and 0/1-10V. All these signals will be decoded by controllers and converted to PWM signal. The controllers shall be designed in accordance with corresponding control protocol of RF, DMX, DALI and 0/1-10V in order to receive the signal.


Traditional control units are push switch (toggle style or rocker style) and rotary knob. They are simple and easy enough to operate by just click or push. Full touch panel is a new style that enables all operations to be executed by touching and it can perfectly installed into existing wall boxes.


PWM RGB LED controller is suitable for home decorative lighting control, they are safe and reliable to provide abundant functions with smooth dimming and running modes. You can choose the proper frequency and control unit based on your requirements.


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