Marijuana and Auto Insurance

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For a long time, accidents including the use of alcohol grabbed all the headlines. Victim advocate organizations like “MADD,” Mothers against drunk drivers, looked for ways to increase punishment for drivers under the influence of alcohol.

Presently, a new threat imminent; auto accidents that are connected to marijuana are increasing and as a result, car insurance rates are increasing. Get your free quote from good to go insurance and check rates online securely and safely in under five minutes.


In the past few years, with the legitimation of recreational marijuana in various states, the number of intoxicated drivers from THC levels are rising. Crashes attributed to error of the driver as a result of high levels of marijuana intoxication are also spiking. The issue is rising and spreading wider each year, as more users use the drug. Accidents related to vehicles which resulted in death that were traced to THC levels in the blood have increased in double in the state of Washington alone after the legalization of marijuana.


This has led to extremely costly auto insurance claims and as unsurprisingly, insurers have risen rates to counterbalance the expenses of paying out costly claims. As indicated by the AAA – the American Automobile Association, this problem will just deteriorate. This is because the more the states legitimate or legalize the use of recreational marijuana, the more the drivers under the influence of this powerful drug get in the driver’s seat while intoxicated. The outcome of the AAA finding is that more attention should be given to the use of marijuana and the dangers of driving. If more states legalize casual marijuana use, then one day it will end up being a national problem, similar to alcohol-related occurrences on the roadways today.


In recent years, recreational marijuana usage laws have been passed by several Western states. This includes Oregon, upper Northeast – Washington, Alaska, and Colorado. The greater spread of this popular drug is as a result of the medical marijuana use. Nearly 50% of the U.S. states have authorized laws for it, and lawmakers are literally “behind the wheel” in passing driving laws to cope with the advancement of the widespread use of the drugs. Currently, only Washington State alongside Colorado has specific driving laws set up. Motorists who get pulled over having THC levels in the blood of five nanograms – milliliter are conceived to be driving while intoxicated. The other legalized states (Alaska/Oregon) do not have particular legal limits. This leaves the judgment of whether a motorist is unfit up to law enforcement officers.


Will Auto Insurance Rates increase due to Increased Use of Marijuana?


Additionally, this leaves a new cause of anxiety for auto insurers and rate hikes passed on to everybody as crashes increase. One study found that before the legalization of marijuana, around 8% of Washington’s deadly accidents discovered traces of THC in the driver’s bloodstream. That number has now increased drastically to 17% since 2012. Likewise, the overall rate of vehicle crashes rose up in WA State after the legitimation. This gives more weight to the controversy that marijuana is a dangerous drug and ought to be carefully controlled and not legalized.


At the moment, with marijuana only lawful in 4 states, auto insurance rates remain unaffected nationally. The interest of all drivers should be one of safety and price if this popular drug is authorized in all states one day. Auto accidents and deaths will certainly increase if this happens, alongside increased premiums. The right thing to do if you are a pot user is to never drive if you have smoked in the last 24 hours. You are endangering your life as well as the life of all the other drivers sharing the same road.


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