LED Strip Dimmer with RF & WiFi Control Enables Smart Home Lighting

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LED strip dimmer is a controller that used to adjust light intensity and colors and LED strip lights. The most common ones are PWM dimmers which output PWM signals to dim the lights.

While designed with RF dimming interface, the controller can be controlled by RF remote or mobile devices via WiFi since there is a built-in RF or WiFi module inside the dimmer to receive RF or WiFi signal and converts it to PWM to achieve light intensity adjustment, color selection and dynamic running colors. It is a great solution for smart home lighting control.


The LED strip dimmer shall be paired to the RF remote or APP installed in your IOS or Android mobile devices so that the signal can be transmitted. It is easy to do by a learning button on the dimmer. The signal transmission distance can be up to 20 meters.


There are various types of LED strip dimmer in the market, you should choose a one that compatible with your LED strip lights. Generally for residential lighting use, DC low voltage input strips are the most popular, for instance, 12VDC or 24VDC. These strips need a DC dimmer and the dimmer requires an extra power supply. The strip light also varies from colors such as single color, CCT (warm white and cool white), RGB and RGBW. For different colors, different dimmers are required. Single color requires 1 channel output from the dimmer, dual color requires 2 channels, RGB requires 3 channels and RGBW requires 4 channels.


The remote and APP enable lighting zone and lighting scene functions, which means users can pair dimmers in different areas of home to different zones of the remote and controls them separately or synchronously. That is to say you can control lighting in sitting room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom independently simply by one remote anywhere. The lighting scene function enables users to recall different predefined scenes for different areas and atmospheres. Cooler white, warmer white, RGB , dynamic mode and whatever you would like can be set. Also your favorite colors or dynamic modes can be saved as scenes and recalled for different areas.


The remote varies from different styles including handheld key remote, handheld touch remote, wall mounted rocker switch, wall mounted rotary switch and wall mounted touch panel etc. You can purchase according to your preference.


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