LED Dimmable Driver With Wireless Control For Smooth Dimming

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LED dimmable driver is an LED power supply that integrates dimmer function, it is good for dimming DC LED lightings without requiring an extra dimmer.

The dimmable LED driver is designed with AC 100-240V wide input and DC output. It is available with constant current version and constant voltage version for different types of LED lighting. For constant current version, the output current is adjustable from 200-1500mA with a dip switch. For constant voltage version, the output voltage is available with 12VDC, 24VDC and 36VDC. The power factor can be higher than 85% and the efficiency is up to 95%. The constant current version can be used for LED downlights and LED panel lights, and the constant voltage version can be used for DC LED strip lights.


The dimmer function is achieved by the PWM output that enables smooth dimming and switching function without any flickering. The dimming range is available from 0.1% to 100%. The LED dimmable driver is available with various control protocols in the market, for instance, RF and WiFi wireless, DMX512 and DALI. They have their own advantages respectively. For home lighting control, RF and WiFi is a great choice which enables wireless control.


If an LED dimmable driver adopts RF control, it is designed with a built-in RF receiver that is able to receive signal from the control panels. The distance between the panel and driver can be up to 20 meters. Since there is no wire connected between them, they have to be paired first before using. The pairing is easy by a learning key on the driver.


The RF control panel is available in various types which are the portable or wall mounted. The remote with key style is designed with press keys and powered by battery, which enables it to be handheld and take to anywhere of your house. The traditional push switch style and rotary knob style are designed with simple and easy interface and can be placed into any standard size wall box. The most powerful one is full touch panel style that enables all operations by simple finger touch. You can choose according to your preference.


WiFi control is also possible while the driver is working with a WiFi-RF converter that is connected to a router and added to home network. The control is done by an APP installed on IOS or Android mobile devices.


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