How Latex Mattress Is Made

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From today`s point of view, it seems fairly obvious that the idea of the mattress originated long time ago. At the beginning, early people were using leaves, straw, horse hair and animal skins, until they came up with the idea of a new product design and began to develop various forms of synthetic materials. By all accounts so far, even in the prehistoric times the bed was considered as the most important piece of furniture in every household.

A better night`s sleep is the main reason why mattress technology significantly evaluated, so the main components now include materials such as latex, foam and viscoelastic. In addition to offer constant comfort, new mattresses are simpler to maintain – since it is easier to get rid of the debris that often penetrates into the surface. The globalization and major production are carrying one concrete advantage: mattresses became inexpensive because the production employs extremely durable and quality layers with a firm, resilient and uniform texture.

Pure latex mattress is made solely from natural material, precisely from the rubber tree Hevea Brazilensis, cultivated in Malaysia and other tropical areas. As a natural resource, without any additives during the manufacturing, final product is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. As a matter of fact, it is a milky white liquid collected from a diagonal cut from the remaining trees, as a fluid harvested in a bucket. Afterwards, the milky sap of the rubber tree is processed by different methods and mixed with a small proportion of materials to create foam. After the latex is poured into a container, the material is put in a vacuum chamber and flash-frozen before baking. Later on, the mix is passed into a washing section to remove away the remaining amounts of solidifying agents that might became a foundation for mould in future. During this stage the latex is dried by hot air and the texture can be shaped in different size and ready for use. The Dunlop process is fully automated so the latex can achieve the right thickness and visual perfection. Once the mattress has been checked, it can be packed and shipped to customers worldwide together with quality certificates. The mattress certification gives the users quarantine that the latex is providing comfort, durability so they can achieve the best sleeping possible.

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