How BPOs Help Companies build Reputation?

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BPOs strengthen possibility of gaining reputation for any organization. They not only share load of work but also exchange expertise in return of nominal charges. They render services through expert hands in an IT infrastructure which removes possibility of flaws. Cost-effectiveness, optimum utilization of   resources, and  tailor-made solutions are some of its advantages.

What’s the winning mantra of business world? Are American Express, Wipro, Infosys, and HCL Technologies reputed since their inception? Or, was their popularity spoon-fed?

Of course, it’s next to impossible. Action speaks louder than words. It’s their extra-ordinary work & strategies that ensured revenues in billions. And it’s multiplying year after year.

All these commercial entities have one thing in common. It’s their association with an eminent business outsourcing units. Just imagine what if peasants grow wheat and they ignore its selling. How do they pursue farming in future without money? 

Take farming as their core competency. Selling the crop marks their secondary role. If they underestimate its significance, they will face worse financial crisis in future. All in all, the secondary roles are as important as the primary ones.   

Business Process Outsourcing (or BPOs) units dig deeper the secondary corporate goals & serve quality. Spontaneously, the entrepreneur prefers to take care of his organisation’s core competencies by himself.  And hiring an outsourcing entity will be an excellent option to usher his company’s secondary objectives.

Their Role:

Core competencies always queue up at leading position when it comes to running any business. Meanwhile, a few secondary yet important business activities suffer. Entrepreneurs neglect them or cause delays to attend them. But such blindfolded approach can let the opportunity of earning billions go easily.   

Let’s say, the owner of an aviation company attended operational activities, administration, personnel and revenues generated. These core business activities kept him busy all the time. Consequently, he turned blind eye to the most important ‘customer support’. Its result was disastrous. The company’s repo fell down since it gradually became bankrupt.

BPOs act like a stich in time in such situations when the corporates don’t have time to pay heed to secondary business activities. They hire specialists whom they find equipped with expertise. Even, they choose IT- infrastructure as a digital compliant with their expertise.

How BPO build reputation for the company that begins from scratch?

Innovative strategies become the need of hour to build reputation. But how many contemporary commercial entities are utilizing it? The answer is only a few.  

Let’s discuss a buzzing example of Airtel’s open network in India. It determines innovative growth-plan of this telecom organization. Airtel Bharti has launched this idea by keeping in view the significance of connectivity to the communication network.

However, it displays the daring side of this telecom organization. Launching this plan, it has opened its doors for spotlighting the grey areas that interrupt connectivity. A layman is openly invited to get access to its tower maps, weak points, zones showing stronger connectivity, high and low internet speed areas. 

Its advert apparently shows how the colony with no network penetration got connectivity to Airtel’s network. But there is one most important area of customer support that it did not highlight extravagantly. This is where outsourcing units, mostly, outperform but from backend. It’s hidden but still praiseworthy.

Suppose it delegates its customer support services to a BPO that has special team for combating issues like delays in addressing grievances 

It’s not mandatory that the foretold telecom organization has outsourced customer support for giving personalized touch. But yes, it hides a striking idea of achieving extra-ordinary growth, expansion and revenues. What’s that? Let’s check. 

For instance, a data entry organization carries on entry projects primarily. Converting data into digital form frequently caused delays in project deliveries. Its clientele removed its name from its good books. Day by day, its clients’ count declined. Consequently, its utmost good faith in the market faded away. Its image got distorted.

Finally, it deployed a reputed outsourcer for conversion of data. The outsourcing unit had good name in the market for benefitting diverse organisations with its data conversions. It began delivering converted data before deadline. As a result, the client company was able to deliver its entry projects on time. Its return on investment paid off double. It was extremely happy since its reputation was reviving also.

Advantages of BPOs:

Cost-effective: Many organizations share their workload with an outsourcer. It is the best alternate for the commercial units that don’t afford extra-ordinary expenses on appointing big staff, infrastructure management and other overheads. They can generate handsome revenue and also appreciate productivity.Emphasize on core-competencies: Since the corporate goals are distributed, the organization gets enough time to pay heed towards its core productive regions. On the other hand, the assigned project to BPOs will be their core competencies. As a result, the outcome will be outstanding.Meet the deadline: Deploying specialist workforce has greater efficiency. It shows its expertise to achieve a business goal. A biology teacher, for example, clarifies the concept of fission & fusion in few minutes but if the same task is assigned to an engineer, he will take time. Sharing business objective with a specialist outsourcer will accomplish task before a deadline.     Optimum utilization of resources: Some organizations lack resources. It may create barriers in production when the work is more than that of resources. In such case, an outsourcing company will be a big help.Bespoke solution: Tailoring demands is a complex task. But these entities resolve this problem. They hire honed and technically sound experts who know how to beat the clock with their efficiency and expertise.Premium technology: Since these organizations are set up with the motto to cater services of particular domain, they are well-equipped with premium technology. IT infrastructure fulfills its every need of computers, global connectivity and data security.


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