Hosted ACT is cloud and desktop solution for businesses

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Hosted ACT on cloud and desktop are two main solutions for accessing CRM data. Based on company requirements, the user access is assigned to respective end users for ACT application.

ACT is the popular customer contact management software for firms. It is designed by Sage enterprise for small and medium organizations of the industry. It operates for any business organization irrespective of the domain of the company. Any organization with a business can purchase this software to manage their customer database. Not only the SMEs but startups also manage their company with this CRM tool. It secures the existing customer data along with the prospect customer information as well. The prospect customer data is key to success and growth of an organization therefore the ACT should is robust in protecting the data of prospect customers. ACT is Sage software which customers can purchase the license from the company. A new customer of the software get s good discounts to save some cash as Sage has offers for new customers. The license ACT is upgraded to get the access of the user license. Based on the need of the firm, the number of the user license is purchased which can be updated based on needs any time.

ACT is customer management database:

With ACT, the new users get technical help form the experts to know the ACT application processing. The application processing of the customer contact management software is easy to learn and operate. Any user can know the application processing through 30 day trial session, webinars, tutorials and videos. The video portals online explain the technical aspects of the customer contact management and sharing of the data. CRM application ACT can integrate with any application of Microsoft, MAC, UNIX and Linux to integrate with the database. The application integration secures the client data and retrieves as per user system requirements. Hosted ACT is the functionality of the application to get the access on the web cloud server or desktop solution. Desktop hosting is the on premise hosting of the application. It runs on desktop as traditional approach which is running for years as successful enterprise solution. Cloud is new solution which runs from the cloud based server. It is located online and secure hosting for securing customer data.

 The remote servers are managed online by hosting providers. Hosted ACT on cloud is accessible on any device. It can be accessible on any small device like mobile and provides instant updates to users on mobile. Authorized users can access the web hosted ACT on smartphone to get all the updates on any new customer. ACT on cloud is accessible to authorized users as cloud services are highly protected with advanced security. Data hosted online are encrypted that means only authorized users can access the application ACT on cloud. Cloud operates on the concept just the same as accessing Google and Hotmail services. Cloud secures the customer data on remote servers and protects them from online theft and fraud. ACT app on mobile updates professionals of all information of the customer information. Hosting service providers offer backups on schedules, bank level application security, robust 24×7 customer support and subscription based rentals to global clients.


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