Disparate methods used for carpet cleaning in Doylestown

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A clean carpet is visually appealing and free from germs and allergens that pile up on the fibers. However, cleaning it can be a tedious task if you want to do it yourself

Not to worry much, as there are some of the best services of carpet cleaning in Doylestown.

Understanding the different methods of carpet cleaning

Before enjoying the services offered by the best enterprises of carpet cleaning in Doylestown, let us understand the different professional methods that their skilled technicians and state of the art machinery will use. These enterprises also offer services in neighboring states such as Pennsylvania. Understanding the different methods will help us in choosing the best service such as for carpet cleaning in Montgomery County.

Hot water extraction: This is the most effective carpet cleaning method done by professionals and widely recommended by carpet manufacturers. In this method, hot water nearing boiling point is sprayed onto the carpet by appropriate equipment and then the water is vacuumed up along with the dissolved dirt. Sometimes cleansing chemicals are added to the heated water for removing stains and dirt. The hot water extraction equipment can be a portable unit or a large truck mounted one. The carpet is first pre-conditioned with alkaline agents for synthetic fibers and acidic agents for woolen materials. It will convert the soils and oil based substances into a liquid.

Next a pressurized cleaning tool is passed over the surface to rinse out all the pre-conditioners and the liquid residue. Because of the use of water, it takes a relatively long drying time which also depends on chemical extraction and the amount of airflow. The drying time can be reduced by the use of appropriate equipment, which adds to the huge energy consumption of this process. Houses located at a distance from the driveway can’t be accessed by truck mounted extraction equipment.


Bonnet method: Though this method is sometimes called dry cleaning, it is not devoid of liquid usage. It is a fast and inexpensive method providing excellent cleaning for lightly soiled carpets. This method consists of the use of a rotary machine with a drive block where the absorbent pad or bonnet is placed. At first, the carpet is vacuumed and then a cleaning chemical is sprayed onto the surface. After a sufficient dwell time, the absorbent pad soaked in cleaning solution is spun over the surface. It soaks up the solution along with the dirt. This method is incapable of removing dirt from the bottom of carpet and cleans only the top one-third part. It sometimes distorts the fibers leaving spun marks.


Dry foam and shampoo method: The shampoo method uses a surfactant (sodium lauryl sulphate) based shampoo that generates a lot of foam. This foam is allowed to settle on the carpet for a short dwell time during which the foam turns into a sticky, dry residue and attracts the dust and soil. It is then vacuumed up along with the residue. A key problem in shampoo based method is resoiling. When the foam dries, it attracts additional soil particles from the environment. It can be solved by adding resin, which is an anti-resoiling additive. The rotary shampoo method can cause potential damage to the carpet fibers.


Dry cleaning with absorbent cleaners: In this method, an absorbent powder that has been mixed with special solvents and chemicals is worked into the carpet with a rotary brush machine. The powder absorbs the dirt and it is then vacuumed up. It is a very fast method typically about 20 minutes owing to no use of water. However, it may lead to pile up of absorbent powders in the carpet bottom.


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