Cast iron teapot or Japanese tea pots for your tea parties!

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Tea is indeed a drink that binds us all. We all love to get together with friends, relatives buddies and even meet new people over tea

Over the years, tea has emerged from the households and small tea stalls and found its place in brighter events of the society. You find people hosting tea get-togethers and tea parties. There are groups of friends who meet religiously every weekend over tea and discuss their lives. What has moved the tea industry the most is the women hosting their tea parties and get togethers which offers opportunities for brands to make unique products that turn their tea adventures into fun events.

Tea ware is an important part in Tea parties and get-togethers. It all starts with brewing a nice cup of tea and serving guests in the most stylish and unique ways. And what will amaze you is that with every new style of tea ware you will find the tea experience changes. There are a lot of companies and brands bringing new styles and designs of teapots and tea sets to satisfy the demand for exquisite tea wares. One such classy style that’s evolved is the cast iron teapot. Cast iron teapot or the tetsubin teapot is a traditional Japanese teapot and is regarded as a status symbol amongst Japanese people. It is made with an inner enamel coating that keeps the tea inside hot without changing the taste of the tea.

Cast iron teapots are made with utmost care and the material is evenly distributed throughout the piece so that the tea stays hot for a longer period of time. Cast iron tea pot is made with such good quality material that one can even use it as a kettle on a gas stove to brew tea or even on a burner to boil water. Cast iron teapot has many variations and styles, each attesting its uniqueness. They have different designs and shapes, which have their own traditional meanings. Japanese teapots are very famous and insightful not only amongst the Japanese but also amongst people all over the world. The designs made on the teapot have significance amongst the users and depict meanings. Some of the most common and important Japanese teapot paintings and their meanings are:

Dragonfly: New beginnings and good fortuneFire: Warmth and romanceHorse: Leadership, intelligence and loyaltyLotus: Purity and enlightenmentSea wave and sea foam: Positive changeTiger: Courage, bravery and powerful protectionWind: serenityTea leaf: Good healthDragon: Power, strength and good fortunesCoins: ProsperityMaple leaf: Spiritual growth

With beautiful meanings and understanding involved in the Japanese teapots, they become the most attractive and stylish tea wares to have in a tea party. The color variants and the design is such that they suit the need of individuals and are very much a reflection of a person’s personality.

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