Benefits and Uses of Silicon

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Silicon is a tetravalent, gray colored, brittle chemical element. It is the most abundant element in nature, all the mainstream micro chips and semiconductors are built on Silicon.

Silicon has a chemical symbol Si, which is universally acknowledged symbol for Silicon. It is the main elemental component present in the earth’s crust after Oxygen. Silicon is a nonmetallic, tetravalent element with atomic number 14. It is gray in color and brittle in nature.

It is naturally present in flint, quartz, agate, jasper, sandstone and other types of common rocks. As it is the most abundantly found compounds in the nature, it serves various industrial purposes. Industrially, it can be found in building materials like cement, glass, brick and others. Many polymers like silicone rubbers also find its application. Silicon also have thousands of other uses such as formation of lubricants, water resistant films and heat resisting resins etc.

Silicon is most commonly found in electronic equipments. It is proficiently build solar panels, photovoltaic sheets made from a thin Si wafer. Electrical circuitry such as computer chips; microprocessors and transistors all have silicon as a foundation material. Likewise, several LCD televisions and computer screens are also composed of thin strips of hydrogenated amorphous silicon alloys.

Use of Silicon in Construction materials:

 It is widely used building materials such as Clay, concrete; sand and cement have silicon dioxide as a vital component. Windshields of cars are made when a fine piece of glass is combined with two thick parts of silicon dioxide.

Use in Automotive parts:

This industry, share its use as casting material. Aluminum silicon alloy is mixed with liquid iron to be casted in parts of the car to form a harder structure and complex structure. This also reduces the production of iron carbide. It is stronger and less brittle material in comparison to iron carbide that compromise the solidarity of car body parts.

Industrial Application of Silicon:

Silicon is the very heart and soul of semiconductor manufacturing. The silicon is a polymer mixture with oxygen and carbon. You must select the suitable supplier who provides you for best and affordable  silicon wafers Quote. It serves a variety of important uses due to its properties of malleable, flexible and waterproof material. These properties make it strongly versatile material when used in wax, caulk, grease and even certain explosives. Cosmetic surgery, also utilizes silicon for implants injected into different body parts.

Silicon benefits for the body

It is interesting to know that silicon plays a significant role to make neurons and body tissues. It also synthesizes vitamin B1 and thiamine present in the human body. Not only internally, however, externally also silicon makes its presence in the form of growth of teeth, nails and hair – hence it’s known as the ‘beauty mineral’.


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