5 Essential Tips to Know While Buying a Steam Iron

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Need a handy decision whether which dry iron or steam iron to buy? If so, you should read this article as it explains what features you need to look out to choose the best model.

With the advent of internet, a sea of products at different price ranges is available online. It sometimes confuses us in choosing the right steam iron. Apart from feeling how heavy the floor model is, here are five more factors to consider.

Scratch Resistant Surface

Go for a steam iron which comes with a scratch resistant soleplate surface such as stainless steel. This will allow you to glide it smoothly over everything from wool to silk without any worry.

Auto-Shut Off

Although, the product you have chosen may be compact. It can be packed with a lot of wattage. Many dry irons online are equipped with the shut-off feature. However, you should pick one that has 3-way shut off. Such product can turn off automatically. With this equipment, you don’t need to worry whether you have left the iron plugged in face down, on its side, or upright.

Steam Burst Button

With a view to give your garments a professional look, a crisp, you will need to shoot them with a steam burst. While buying steam iron, look at the soleplate for the location and number of steam vents. If it has several vents over the soleplates, it will distribute the steam, making de-wrinkling your clothing easier.

Water Reservoir Capacity

For a large batch of ironing at a time, steam irons online with a super-size water reservoir are the right choice.  It will help you reduce the number of times you have to refill the iron.


An iron with self-cleaning feature is like winning brownie points, especially if you are living a hard water area. Self-cleaning iron helps remove materials that are left behind by your tap water. If it is not cleaned, it can clog the iron and decrease steam bursts.


So, once you are able to buy the right dry or steam iron, you can make your garments look professionals and appealing. Several online stores offer electrical products. Choose one and place your order for the iron by following the aforesaid tips.


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